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Peter & Anna Colla

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Spiritual Therapies
with Peter & Anna Colla
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Teaching People Through Ascension
to Effectively  Fight The Attacks of Sickness, Afflictions, and Infirmities, 
to Overcome and Heal 
Always Demonstrated 
By The Teachings Of 


Through Public Speaking, Videos, Lectures, Book Readings,
Corporate Contracting & Instruction,
as well as

In-Home Outpatient Physical Therapy 
Examinations, Consults, and Treatments 
of All Injuries, Addictions, & 
in the Privacy of Your Own Home.



VIP In-Home
(Private Limited Membership)

In-Home Physical Therapy & Private Pilates Instructions
(Via Zoom or Local)

Public Speaking &  Local Retreats
(Coming Soon, Enquire)

Addiction Rehabilitation

In-Home On-going Health & Wellness Instruction, (Monitored Med. Mgmt.)

Elder Care Placement
(Incl; Phys. Ther. Eval) 

Profesional Witness

Corporate Ergonomic Consultation

Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness Vacation Retreats

Spiritual Therapy presented through Art Therapy

Spiritual Based Autism Rehabilitation

Nino's Patriots Movement 

Heal yourself Bood mockup bookcover00016
Seminars, Churches, Private or Group Guest Speaking, & Book Signings.

Soon to Add God Willing and NESARA Enabling;

Ascension Assistance with New Med Bed Technologies,

Faith and Natural Based Medical Clinics,

Body, Mind & Spiritual Treatments as well as Training for Anyone Who Wishes. 

Health and Wellness Retreats To Our Winery, Other Exotic Natural Bath Locations,
or Sailing the Seas with Us. 


Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla