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                         Health & Wellness Vacation Retreats                                         to Beautiful Exotic Locations


                                                Seven & Ten Days in a

                                                    Tuscany Private V illa



Experience YourMind, Body, & Spirit Healing 

In Daily Instructional Style While Resting Comfortably on Vacation.

Enter into a world where you, your family, your congregation, or public appearance audience can take control as within their rightful authority, over the infirmities that afflict many us.

With limited bookings of only 7 couples or 14 individuals we are beginning to host and instruct Seven and Ten Day retreats to Beautiful Tuscany Italy. We will bring participating guests through a comprehensive course where individuals will learn all they will need for total Mind, Body and Spirit Healing. 


Daily classes will include; Instructional training and benefits of All Natural applications of Physical Therapy, Pilates, Tji-Chi, Health & Wellness Evaluation and Counseling, All New "Art Therapy," Positive Reinforcement & Positive Thinking, All Natural Culinary & Various Fasting Advantages for Health, Massage & Reflexology Instruction, Spiritual Growth & Recognition of Attacks of all types whereby participants will learn useful tools to take victory over these afflictions.  

We instruct people how first to view these issues, examining the causes, and not just the symptoms of afflictions, but then formulate a health-based strategy, and in some cases, a rehabilitation program, that will use only natural God-given materials, talents and available materials God has provided all of us to effectively combat these and clean up the messes that they leave in their wake.


We consult and teach simple leadership skills designed to help people, health care practitioners, students as well as teachers on their road of spiritual self-discovery and effective counseling, as we together gain insight to the truth regarding health, healthcare, addictions, afflictions, storms, and eventually personal growth. 


This is basically a journey to find Truth revealed in Healing.


We embark on a journey of affliction analysis that encompasses not only all considerations of the Mind (Experiential) and Body (Physical), but also Our Belief (Spiritual), then takes these individual aspects into consideration when formulating the therapeutic approaches for eventual True Comprehensive and effective Alleviation, Freedom, Therapy or Rehabilitation. 


Excursions and Retreats to Exotic Destinations; We are presently gathering interest and organizing Retreats and Seminars that will Teach our methods of True Healing, Freeing from the bondage, Self Improvement, Growth, Health, and Wellness.  


These principles, methods and practical applications are also offered in the Business Development Consulting atmosphere, in the Direct Client Consulting both in private home and contracted location, in the Seminar or Public Speaking environment, and in the soon to be Instructional and Wellness Classes, who's far away exotic locations will be specifically selected to instruct and mentor into an environment of complete healing and wellness.


God has given us the tools all around us to overcome any of the storms as well as the issues these may bring.


It is our Goal and Ambition to free our brother's, sister's, ourselves and themselves, from the hopelessness and enslavement of the pharma driven medical dogma, the addictions the years of afflictions perpetuate, the deceptions that have spoken into our entire lives regarding the reality of sicknesses and afflictions, and then instruct into a path of God-given, natural, good and healthy alternatives to achieve wellness and health. 


Anna and Peter Colla have combined over 30 years of experience in Physical Therapy Private Practice, Natural instruction such as Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts, Various Natural and Eastern Medicine applications, as well as God-given wisdom to formulate a program, write and instruct using our experiences to help others in this beautiful experience we call Life, while also freeing ourselves from the chains of Afflictions and the helplessness modern madicine has . 

Guest Speaking and Seminars for groups, churches, schools, charities, and businesses

The Spirit First, then Mind and Finally Body Approach to Healing and health.
The God-Given Therapeutic Tools Are all Around Us
What Doesn't Kill Makes Us Stronger​
Turn The Light On and Watch the Sickness Flee
Water is One of God's Great Gifts Can Clean Up Any Mess
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