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GEM Elder Placement Service

At GEM VILLAGE the Gem Health and Wellness Philosophy have been blended with the village moral and ethical belief that it takes an entire village to care for the needs and prosperity of the Elders of its own community. 


An "ELDER" of a church has for centuries represented the wisest and most experienced members of the community, being called upon to contribute in a capacity whereby they provide these life experiences as their contribution to the wellbeing of the community as a whole.  


In our ELDER Living facilities, people don't just come to a resting place, as a place to go to be forgotten and die, but a place to experience Life. 

A Daily environment has been created where the resident guests participate in a village Old World residence where the emphasis is placed on Health and Wellness each and every day. This is experienced in the form of daily classes, groups, and participation activities including Pilates, Physical Therapy Wellness and if necessary Rehabilitation, Tji-Chi, Yoga, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Music, Organized Cooking, Lectures, Travel, and Even Teaching on every level a person may wish to participate.


Currently, GEM Health and Wellness is active with the acquisition and development of such Elder Residence Facilities. Our newly formed 501c3 will allow us to accept contributors and partners in this most Godly adventure.


Feel free to visit our GEM VILLAGE Website as we move closer towards the initial opening;     http/

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